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Tere Ramirez

Managing Partner and Loan Director


Tere has years of banking and accounting experience, most recently with an independent oil and gas company for 10 years as the accounting manager and company Treasurer. Tere left the energy business to become a Managing Partner and Loan Director of KCI in 2017. Tere has closed nearly 100 loans over the past year.


Tere has also managed the rehab of several high-end properties over the past 3 years, with spectacular results.  The properties turned out stunning, with one being sold in less than 48 hours after being listed.  


For her it’s all about helping real estate investors make good investment decisions, helping them analyze their deals, to avoid the pitfalls that only years of experience flipping houses can bring, and help them achieve exceptional profits and grow their business. Developing relationships!  KCI’s business is based on developing long term relationships with borrowers and private equity partners.  These relationships are vital for the success of the borrowers - who know they can count on KCI to fund their deals fast and steer them away from bad deals.  Relationships are just as vital with our private equity partners, who know that their funds are safe and secure.

Rick Bresler



Rick is a chemical engineer who has been in the oil and gas business since 1979.  He has held various management and executive positions and is still actively managing oil and gas projects.  

Rick became interested in real estate soon after he graduated from college, and just for fun he took the required real estate classes and passed the test to become a real estate agent back 1983.  He started flipping houses in 1985, and has been involved in over 70 flips over the years as a hobby.  

In 2014 Rick ventured into private money lending, with two modest sized loans.  His lending portfolio grew rapidly after that. He realized the business needed full time support, so he and Tere Ramirez created KCI which has 2 full time employees to run the business, and a couple of part time employees. Rick’s two main objectives are for the private equity partners to have financial peace of mind, and for their money to last as long as they do. Raising private equity by showing engineering professionals, and others, how to passively invest for retirement and reach “their number” much faster than they ever thought was possible.

Jonathan Wells

Business Manager

Jonathan has 6 years of retail management experience, and is working on his Finance Degree from UH. Jonathan has also recently taken the NMLO class and his key roles are loan underwriting, business development, and social media/tech support.

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