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How It Works

1. Borrower Questionnaire

Submit a borrower questionnaire to tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are, how much funding you need and what type of transaction you are trying to do.​

2. Face to Face Meeting

Meet with us and we will help you evaluate your deal, because our main priority is that you are set up to win in this deal. We will discuss what options are viable for your situation and start building our personal relationship.

3. Due Diligence

We will perform our due diligence in every deal we make to make sure the borrowers/investors get the best possible outcome from each deal. If we decide not to loan on a deal, it's in the best interest of all parties involved.

4. Get Funded!

We can approve your deal and fund your deal fast! We can provide funding within 1 day after the title commitment is ready. 

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